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Innovation and Commitment for a Sustainable Future

Excellence meets ecology. Our commitment to research and development enables us to design products that are effective and environmentally friendly. Each innovation reflects our passion for preserving the planet and our ambition to offer sustainable solutions.

Beyond our products, the respect of our customers is paramount. iGo places humans at the heart of its values, committing to treat each client with care and integrity.

Join us in our mission for a sustainable future, where technology and ethics come together for the good of all.

Our values

People First

We place paramount importance on the human aspect, with our clients’ satisfaction being our top priority. Committed to maintaining standards of operational excellence, we act with integrity and transparency at every level of our company. This ensures sincere and honest relationships with our clients, partners, and collaborators.

Trusted and Tailored Solutions

Building trustful relationships with our clients remains our main goal, by providing them with customized diagnostics to meet their sanitary solution requirements.

We dedicate ourselves to presenting the most environmentally friendly, safest, and most effective alternatives available on the market, constantly placing your satisfaction at the center of our efforts.

Sustainable Cleaning

Our commitment is geared towards sustainable development. Through our eco-friendly actions, we aim to reduce our ecological footprint while offering effective cleaning solutions.

A career with iGo

Want to be part of the change ? You’re in the right place. Our ambition? To build a sustainable future for our customers and teams. And that is only possible with you !

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